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What are Sewer Scope Video Inspections?

Sewer and drain problems are more than just common annoyances for homeowners: they can cause significant damage if left unresolved. Past methods of detecting these problems can rely heavily on guesswork, yield excessive costs, and take up lots of time. That’s all about to change, thanks to AmeriSpec’s Sewer Scope Video Inspection technology and its ability to provide a state-of-the-art inspection experience.

A Sewer Scope Video Inspection is a process in which a trained technician deploys a miniature camera to observe the condition of sewer and drain pipes. The camera will relay information to the technician so they can see if everything is functioning as designed, and determine any next steps if an issue is found. Common problems can include cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs, and lost valuables…and without the use of Sewer Scope Video technology, all of these can be challenging to properly assess and fix.

The Advantages of Sewer Scope Video Inspections:

There are numerous other benefits which make Sewer Scope Video Inspections an invaluable part of your home maintenance plan:

Enhanced Flexibility
° video technology can easily observe difficult to access areas

Recorded Evidence
° everything the camera detects is documented for long-term maintenance strategies

Preserving Infrastructure
° invasive procedures such as digging are mitigated

Superior Information
° maintenance professionals can better assess problems using video technology imagery

Problem Prevention
° the overall ease of Sewer Scope Video Inspections makes them suitable for identifying problems before they even occur!